ISR Radial Master Cylinder


Now you can experience the improved “feel”, that comes with the ISR radial master cylinder on your custom bike.They fit 1″ handlebars and are available left or right hand for use with brakes or hydraulic clutch covers.The 15.87 mm M/C is suitable for any single caliper installation or a dual caliper set up using two piston calipers with up to 34 mm diameter pistons and most hydraulic clutch covers who's maker recommend the use of a 9/16″-5/8″ bore Master Cylinder. The 17.5 mm M/C should be used for all applications requiring more volume like when using a pair of four or six piston calipers or high volume hydraulic clutch covers who's maker recommends the use of an 11/16″ or larger bore Master Cylinder.Combine it with our handlebar clamp electronic switch assemblies for a clean looking handlebar setup.All ISR master cylinders use only DOT 4 brake fluid.Accepts 10 x 1.25 mm Banjo Bolt (not included).Add our Specially Priced Banjo Bolt Kit (includes 1 ISR Stainless Steel 10×1.25mm Banjo Bolt and 2 10mm Sealing Washers) now and save the extra cost of shipping.